Al-Rehab Projects and Trade Company specializes in supplying and installing Hashemite and Pharaonic stone of all kinds and forms, Egyptian and imported marble and granite for finishing the facades of homes and villas at the lowest prices and the best quality possible

If you are looking to add luxury to your home, you should use our company, which works to provide the best types of stones in all colors and shapes, in order to add touches of sophistication to the home or villa because the company works to provide the service that all customers are looking for and trying to obtain, so we are working for Your satisfaction, that is the main goal of the company, which it seeks to achieve

Types of Hashemite Stone

Hashemi stone Hesem

Hashemi stone Wesh gabal

Hashemi stone raas

Hashemi stone sant katren

Hashemi stone 80

mick stone

Hashemi stone creamy

White stone Azazi

sand stone

Basalt stone

We present to you some of the shapes proposed to be implemented

We are experts in supplying and installing all types of Egyptian and imported marble and granite of all kinds and specifications from our factory with the highest quality in the Egyptian market as we always promised you

* Some varieties of marble available in the factory

* Some types of granite available at the factory

For more information and inqui

For more information and inquiries about your request from Hashemi facades, marble, granite and prices, do not hesitate to contact us immediately.

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